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We hosted a session for Bayrails this month. There were many operations-oriented model railroaders from all over the country:

Nowheres Yard was quite a hub of activity!

Riding through Tracy on the SVL

Founded in 1979, Silicon Valley Lines (SVL) is an HO Scale Model Railroad Club located in San Jose, California. In 1999, we moved to our current location on 148 E. Virginia Street in San Jose, where our 23' x 72' layout is in operation.

SVL operates trains using digital command control (DCC), which allows engineers to control locomotives independently on the same track. Members are given switchlist and must coordinate via radio with the dispatcher to obtain authority to move on the mainline and complete their work in a timely fashion. Our layout is constructed using some unique benchwork building techniques, with much of the layout supported by structural steel components.

We meet Friday nights starting at 7:30pm. The first Friday of each month we hold a club business meeting. Usually, the last Friday is Operations Night. All other Fridays we work on scenery, maintenance of the track and electronics, or the trains. We remain open until the last member leaves! Visitors are always welcome; if you like what you see, please consider joining our club! Membership is open, and we’re always looking for new folks to help build, operate, and enjoy HO Scale Model Railroading.

If you are curious or considering joining the Silicon Valley Lines please see our pamphlet click here.

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If you have additional questions, feel free to email us at: svl@siliconvalleylines.com

SVL is a not for profit corporation, 501 (c) (3). California FTB Exempt Letter, IRS Public Charity and Form 1023 Check List.

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